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Inverter 12-36v

LiFePO4 Battery Charger  General Features & benefits.

  • IP67 Waterproof and dustproof
  • Suited and warranted for under-bonnet installation
  • Colour-coded Anderson plugs for easy install
  • Separate DC and solar charging inputs
  • Maximise the performance and life of your auxiliary battery
  • Vibration proof 
  • Solar Power Priority mode
  • Sleek heavy duty new design
  • Heat dispersing design
  • Lithium battery wake-up function
  • Charge all battery types, including Lithium LiFePO4, Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, and Calcium.
  • Updated custom-made lithium charging algorithm
  • Mounting brackets

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solar panel Automatic Soldering 1

Product Application

    • home solar power
    • outdoor travel
    • Transportation
    • Communication field
    • Petroleum, marine, meteorological field
    • Solar Lighting
    • Photovoltaic power station
  • solar building
  • Powering Automotive (Solar-Powered Transit)

Standards & Certifications

  • Compliance with IEC61215: 2021 standards, IEC61730: 2016
  • TUV Rheinland Standard
  • Manufactured in ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • CE: Europe Standard


Solar Panel Module Specifications

Electronic Specifications

Module TC12-20
Input Voltage 100-120 VAC, 50/60HZ
Output Voltage 13.8-14.4 V Output Power(max) 1000W
Charge Current 20.0 amps
Standby Current <10mA
BMS wakeup Charger will restart or “wake up” a Dakota Lithium BMS that has turned off a battery due to short circuit or excessive amp draw. Simply connect the charger to the battery to initiate a restart.
Reverse polarity protectionl Yes
Charge Protection Short Circuit Protection, ovp, OTP, OLP, ocp, Over-charging, Overcurrent, Overvoltage
Suitable Battery types Lithium LiFePO4, Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, and Calcium.
Terminal Connections Anderson SB 50
Splash proof and dust proof IP65
Operating temperature -20 ˚C to +50 ˚C
Certificate CE CB ROHS
Warranty 3 years

Packaging & delivery

Dimensions 113 x 60 x 86 mm Weight: 27kgs±3%
Est. Shipping Size 123 x 70 x 96 mm box Weight: 27kgs±3%
Color Silver and Black Material Aluminum Alloy with Fan
Package Paper Box
Picture Example Hf229c723b3aa459091678afad321779  Hf229c723b3aa459091678afad321779
Note: The above packing information contained in this web is subject to change without notice. We will offer wooden box packing with extra material and labor costs if your order less than a pallet, we accept any customized packing as per your requests.

Solar Panel Module Advantage & Package

Different Rate Discharge Curve(25℃)
Temperature Discharge Curve(0.5C)


State of Charge Curve(0.5C, 25℃)
Charging Characteristics(0.5C, 25℃)
Solar Panel Layout & Install
Solar Panel Layout & Mounting
Different DOD Discharge Cycle Life Curve(1C)
Different Temperature Self Discharge Curve
solar panel on stock

Question and Answer

Yes, We are a lithium battery manufacturer from China since 2015. You are welcome to visit our factory and production process.If the quantity is suitable, we accept OEM/ODM.

What’s your product range?

We focus on Lithium-ion battery (LiFePO4) battery, home solar system, portable power station, solar panels for residential and commercial energy storage system etc.

What is the production time for your portable power station?

The sample delivery time is about 7-10 days. The bulk order delivery time is about 15-20days according to quantity.

Can I buy one or two units for the sample first?

 Yes. Samples are welcome for test. Please contact our sales manager to place the order

Is it OK to print my logo on the product?

 Yes.We support custom logo/size/color/etc.

Why choose us?

  •  Reliable– Our certifications like ISO , TUV is our commitment to quality and safety for our lithium batteries.
  • Advantage– We provide Custom service: BMS function, high voltage or high current system, supporting free system solutions.
  • Professional–Factory is Professional manufactures Lithium Batteries(battery pack, battery cabinet ) .in China, GuangDong, 10 Years Professional Experience.


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Product Datasheet Download:

Datasheet LFP12-150
Datasheet LFP24-100
Datasheet LFP12-100

Tips: more detail information,for deep cycle LiFePO4 battery.

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