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LiFePO4 battery is one type of lithium battery. LiFePO4 Battery is now the most popular battery for solar & renewable energy storage, backup power, electric vehicles, and other power appliances.In this post, you will see the best drop-in replacement of lead-acid battery, the important parameters, charge & discharge precautions, and more.

LiFePo4 Battery Applications

RV Caravan Motorhome battery

LifePo4 Battery

solar panel battery

Solar Panels

Telecom Equipment battery

Battery Charger

UPS Backup Power battery

Battery Inverter

How to select proper AGM battery?

  • Selecting the Proper Lead-Acid Technology
  • why wont my vehicle start?
  • The Deep Cycle Battery Guide (Types & FAQs)
  • The complete guide to agm batteries

Products Certifications and Standard

CE Lifepo4-cell


CE Lifepo4-Battery


UN38.3 Lifepo4-battery


MSDS Lifepo4-cell


Production Process

battery cell automatic detection

Cell Detection

Lifepo4 battery cell automatic detection
capacity grading system

capacity grading

capacity grading system
laser welding machine

laser welding

Lifepo4 battery cell laser welding machine
Lifepo4 Battery PACK Assembly

PACK Assembly

Lifepo4 battery pack assembly line

Why choose us?

LifePo4 battery cell

Best Price

Extremely Competive price on Solar storage batteries
Lifepo4 Battery PACK Assembly

PACK Assembly

Lifepo4 battery pack assembly line
20 years experience

20 Years Experience

continuous technological development
battery cell in stock

Cell in Stock

10 years Design life, 5 years Warranty
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