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450w 144Cells Solar Panel Module

Solar Panel Module  General Features & benefits.

  • 12BB Cell: More uniform current collection capability, reducing the current heat loss of the internal cells.
  • Higher Output Power: The output power of 110 half-cells Monocrystalline modules is up to 550W.
  • Harsh Environmental Adaptability:  Strict salt spray and ammonia corrosion test by the third party.
  • Low Light Features: Higher performance under low light environment.
  • PID Protection: Ensure the attenuation probability caused by PID phenomenon is minimized.
  • Load Capacity: Mechanical load tests including wind load 2400 Pa and snow load 5400 Pa done by TUV.


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Product Application

  • home solar power
  • outdoor travel
  • Transportation
  • Communication field
  • Petroleum, marine, meteorological field
  • Solar Lighting
  • Photovoltaic power station
  • solar building
  • Powering Automotive (Solar-Powered Transit)

Standards & Certifications

  • Compliance with IEC61215: 2021 standards, IEC61730: 2016
  • TUV Rheinland Standard
  • Manufactured in ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • CE: Europe Standard

Solar Panel Module  Specifications

Module TS450W
Max power(Pmax)(W) 450
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V) 49.11
Max power current(Imp)(A) 10.80
Short circuit current(Isc)(A) 11.29
Moudle efficiency(%) 20.58
Power tolerance 0~+5W
Dimensions 82.79in. x 40.94in. x 1.38in (2103mm x 1040mm x 35mm)
Front glass High transparency solar glass 3.2mm (0.13 inches)
Frame Silver, anodized aluminium alloy
Output cables TUV1×4.0mm2,Length:300mmorCustomizedLength
Junction box IP68
Weight: 55.12 lbs (25 kg)
Cell type Monocrystalline silicon 182x91mm
Number of cells 144 cells in series
Cable 4mm²
Model JAM60S10-330-345/MR
10years of product defects in materials & workmanship
10years for 90% of warranted minimum power output
25years for 80% of warranted minimum power output
Note: The above packing information contained in this web is subject to change without notice. We will offer wooden box packing with extra material and labor costs if your order less than a pallet, we accept any customized packing as per your requests.

Solar Panel Module Advantage & Package


Different Rate Discharge Curve(25℃)
Temperature Discharge Curve(0.5C)
2250WH electricity

advanced technology perc solar cells

State of Charge Curve(0.5C, 25℃)
Charging Characteristics(0.5C, 25℃)
efficient solar panel
solar panel easy to install
Solar Panel Layout & Install
Solar Panel Layout & Mounting
solar panel layout install
solar panel layout mounting
Different DOD Discharge Cycle Life Curve(1C)
Different Temperature Self Discharge Curve
solar panel view checking
solar panel on stock

Why Choose the Models Series?

More Power, Less Space
Engineered with industry-leading technologies, this high-powered 450W solar panel provides maximum power generation for your limited roof space.
It’s an economical long-term investment for utility-scale systems, solar power plants, residential and commercial applications.Higher Module Efficiency
High-powered 450W monocrystalline solar panel provides an average of 1800-2250 Watt-hours (Wh) power per day (depending on sun availability).
It has passed the electroluminescence (EL) test for quality assurance. No hot spots.Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame
Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame design ensures the solar panel survives in harsh outdoor environments, including the burning sun and heavy rain.
Provides an extended period of work time without damage or loss of performance.Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Installation
Solar panels are equipped with back frame and ground mounting holes, ready for installation.
They are easy to mount and secure, ideal for off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar systems.

Extreme Weather Endurance
Withstand up to 5400 Pa of heavy snow load and up to 2400 Pa of high wind. Provide excellent durability in a harsh environment

Extended Durability
IP68 rated waterproof junction box and solar connectors ensure that water and dust will not enter during extended outdoor use.The built-in bypass diodes protect the solar cells from overheating, allowing the solar panel to perform during accidental shading by bypassing the under performing cells.

Question and Answer

Yes, We are a lithium battery manufacturer from China since 2015. You are welcome to visit our factory and production process.If the quantity is suitable, we accept OEM/ODM.

What’s your product range?

We focus on Lithium-ion battery (LiFePO4) battery, home solar system, portable power station, solar panels for residential and commercial energy storage system etc.

What is the production time for your portable power station?

The sample delivery time is about 7-10 days. The bulk order delivery time is about 15-20days according to quantity.

Can I buy one or two units for the sample first?

 Yes. Samples are welcome for test. Please contact our sales manager to place the order

Is it OK to print my logo on the product?

 Yes.We support custom logo/size/color/etc.

Why choose us?

  •  Reliable– Our certifications like ISO , TUV is our commitment to quality and safety for our lithium batteries.
  • Advantage– We provide Custom service: BMS function, high voltage or high current system, supporting free system solutions.
  • Professional–Factory is Professional manufactures Lithium Batteries(battery pack, battery cabinet ) .in China, GuangDong, 10 Years Professional Experience.


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Product Datasheet Download:

Datasheet LFP12-150
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Tips: more detail information,for deep cycle LiFePO4 battery.

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